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Although some people may think of museums as dusty old attics where nothing ever changes, in reality, the Centennial Museum is almost always juggling events with a number of balls in the air at any one time. This is your page to help you keep up with what's going on. You also may Search within the main pages of the website.

#Presentation about the exhibit From Above
Dr. William Doelle
December 12, 2009, at 3 p.m.

Archaeology with Altitude: How Research and Preservation in Southwestern Archaeology Benefit When Viewed "From Above"? ?The demographic collapse of the southern Southwest occurred between 1300 and 1450 and has defied explanation. Expanding the scale of the problem by considering the entire Southwest has produced new insights that will be shared in this presentation by William Doelle, President and CEO of the Center for Desert Archaeology. Dr. Doelle worked closely with photographer Adriel Heisey whose photographs are featured in the From Above exhibit and catalog. The role of Heisey's photography to promote both research and preservation will be discussed. And finally, a preview of a new collaboration with Adriel will be provided-the Center for Desert Archaeology and Heisey have begun a re-photography of key images produced by Charles and Anne Lindbergh as they flew over the Southwest in July 1929.

#An introductory course: The Natural History of the Chihuahuan Desert is now on-line.

#An on-line course on the study of mammals now is available": Mammalogy on the Web".

#The "Pleistocene Vertebrates of New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas" is now online.

#We have added limited searching ability to the Chihuahuan Desert pages. You can now search by keywords for animals, plants, Desert Diary content, and permanent items on the Museum's main page.

#The list of plants that likely will be available for FloraFEST 2010 in April is now available. For a more extensive gallery of Chihuahuan Desert plants, visit our Chihuahuan Desert native plant section.

#A list of Centennial Museum Publications is available on the web, and Wynn Anderson's Recommended Southwestern Native Plants for the El Paso/Las Cruces Area is finally available in PDF format.

#Wynn Anderson's article on Apache Plume has been added to our PDF presentations.

#Be sure and visit the Special Exhibits page. These exhibits change over time, bringing you something new several times a year. Many are traveling exhibits that are created by other museums to allow peoples to enjoy collections otherwise inaccessible; other exhibits are the creations of our own, talented El Pasoans.