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Due to the large size of the web site, searching the entire site would cause unacceptable delays. The links below will allow searches on the subjects noted. The search results will provide one or more links to pages containing the item searched for.

Centennial Museum Main Pages. The search is on content. Thus such terms as staff, hours, tours, and exhibits, as well as names of staff members, etc., can be searched.

Chihuahuan Desert Animals. Currently, the scientific name (genus, species, or specific epithet) and a limited number of common names are accessible by search.

Chihuahuan Desert Plants. Currently accessible are the scientific name (genus, species, or specific epithet) and common name (keeping in mind that many plants may be known by the same common name and the same common name may be applied to several different kinds of plants; the number of common names in the index is limited, and the scientific name likely will give better results). Searching for attributes such as "shrub", "hummingbird", etc., may bring up additional information.


Last update: 31 Jan 2005