Distributional data have been gathered by C. S. Lieb, Laboratory for Environmental Biology, from a variety of resources. Unaccredited species accounts also are by Dr. Lieb.

There have been numerous changes in taxonomy in recent years, in large part due to efforts to more accurately represent phylogenetic relationships. In general, the list below follows the taxonomy as presented by the Center for North American Herpetology. The arrangement is quite different from the traditional taxonomy learned by all until very recently. For example, the Class Reptilia is subdivided into three living classes, the Chelonia (turtles), the Eusuchia (crocodilians), and the Reptilia (traditional reptiles minus the turtles and crocodilians).


Order Testudines—Turtles; Tortugas

Family Emydidae—Emydid Turtles

§ Chrysemys picta Painted Turtle; Tortuga Pintada

§ Pseudemys gorzugi Western River Cooter; Jicotea del Río Bravo

Terrapene coahuila Coahuilan Box Turtle; Tortuga de Cuartocienegas

§ Terrapene ornata Western Box Turtle; Tortuga de Adornos

§ Trachemys gaigeae Big Bend Slider; Jicotea Big Bend

§ Trachemys scripta Slider; Tortuga Pinta

Family Kinosternidae—Mud Turtles; Casquitos

§ Kinosternon flavescens Yellow Mud Turtle; Casquito Amarillo

§ Kinosternon hirtipes Mexican Mud Turtle; Casquito de Pata Rugosa

§ Kinosternon sonoriense Sonora Mud Turtle; Casquito de Sonora

Family Testudinidae—Gopher Tortoises; Tortugas del Desierto

Gopherus flavomarginatus Bolson Tortoise; Galápago de Bolsón

Family Trionychidae—Soft-shelled Turtles; Tortugas de Concha Blanda Norte Americana

§ Apalone spinifera Spiny Softshell; Tortuga de Concha Blanda


Order Squamata—Lizards and Snakes; Lacertilios y Culebras

Suborder Sauria—Lizards; Lacertilios

Family Anguidae—Anguid Lizards; Lagartijas Lagarto del Oeste

§ Elgaria kingii Madrean Alligator Lizard; Lagartija Lagarto de Montaña

Gerrhonotus infernalis Texas Alligator Lizard; Culebra Con Patas Texana

Gerrhonotus lugoi Lugo's Alligator Lizard; Lagartija Escorpión de Lugo

Family Crotaphytidae—Collared and Leopard Lizards

§ Crotaphytus collaris Eastern Collared Lizard; Cachorón

§ Gambelia wislizenii Longnose Leopard Lizard; Cachorón Leopardo de Nariz-larga

Family Gekkonidae—Geckos; Gecos

§ Coleonyx brevis Texas Banded Gecko; Cuija Texana

Coleonyx reticulatus Reticulated Gecko; Geco Reticulado

§ Coleonyx variegatus Western Banded Gecko; Cuija Manchada Occidental

§ Hemidactylus turcicus Mediterranean Gecko; Geco Pinto

Family Helodermatidae—Gila Monsters; Escorpiones

§ Heloderma suspectum Gila Monster; Escorpión del Norte

Family Phrynosomatidae—Phrynosomatid Lizards

§ Callisaurus draconoides Zebratail Lizard; Cachora

§ Cophosaurus texanus Greater Earless Lizard; Lagartijon Sordo

§ Holbrookia approximans Speckled Earless Lizard; Lagartija Sorda Manchadita

§ Holbrookia maculata Lesser Earless Lizard; Lagartija Sorda Pequeñita

§ Phrynosoma cornutum Texas Horned Lizard; Camaleón Texano

§ Phrynosoma hernandesi Mountain Short-horned Lizard; Camaleón de Cuernos-pequeños

§ Phrynosoma modestum Roundtail Horned Lizard; Tapayatxin

§ Sceloporus clarkii Clark's Spiny Lizard; Vejore de Clark

§ Sceloporus couchii Couch's Spiny Lizard; Escamoso de Rocas

Sceloporus grammicus Mesquite Lizard; Chintete de Mezquite

§ Sceloporus jarrovii Yarrow's Spiny Lizard; Lagartija Espinosa de Yarrow

§ Sceloporus magister Desert Spiny Lizard; Vejore del Desierto

§ Sceloporus maculosus Spotted Spiny Lizard; Lagartija Maculada

§ Sceloporus merriami Canyon Lizard; Lagartija de Cañón

§ Sceloporus olivaceus Texas Spiny Lizard; Lagartija Espinosa de Texas

Sceloporus ornatus Ornate Spiny Lizard; Lagartija Espinosa Adornada

Sceloporus parvus Bluebelly Lizard; Lagartija Panza-azul

§ Sceloporus poinsetti Crevice Spiny Lizard; Lagartija Espinosa de Barrada

§ Sceloporus undulatus Eastern Fence Lizard; Lagartija de Pampa

§ Urosaurus ornatus Tree Lizard; Lagartija de Árbol

§ Uma exsul Fringe-toed Sand Lizard; Lagartija de Arena

§ Uta stansburiana Side-blotched Lizard; Lagartija de Manchas Lateralis

Family Scincidae—Skinks; Linceres

§ Plestiodon obsoletus Great Plains Skink; Lincer Llanero

§ Plestiodon tetragrammus Four-lined Skink; Lincer de Cuatro Líneas

§ Scincella lateralis Ground Skink; Escíncela de Tierra

Family Teiidae—Whiptail Lizards; Lagartijas Rayadas

§ Aspidoscelis dixoni Gray-checkered Whiptail; Huico Gris

§ Aspidoscelis exsanguis Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail; Huico Pinto de Chihuahua

§ Aspidoscelis gularis Texas Spotted Whiptail; Huico Pinto Tejano

§ Aspidoscelis inornata Little Striped Whiptail; Huico Liso

§ Aspidoscelis neomexicana New Mexico Whiptail; Huico de Nuevo México

§ Aspidoscelis scalaris Rusty-rumped Whiptail

Aspidoscelis sonorae Sonoran Spotted Whiptail; Huico Manchado de Sonora

§ Aspidoscelis tessellata Colorado Checkered Whiptail; Huico de Cuadros

§ Aspidoscelis tigris marmorata Western Marbled Whiptail

§ Aspidoscelis uniparens Desert Grassland Whiptail; Huico de la Pradera del Desierto

Family Xantusidae—Night Lizards; Lagartijas Nocturnes del Desierto

Xantusia bolsonae Bolson Night Lizard; Lagartija Nocturna del Bolsón

§ Xantusia vigilis Desert Night Lizard; Lagartija Nocturna del Desierto

Suborder Serpentes—Snakes; Culebras

Family Colubridae—Common Harmless Snakes

§ Arizona elegans Glossy Snake; Culebra Brillantes

§ Bogertophis subocularis Trans-Pecos Rat Snake; Culebra Ratonera de Trans-Pecos

§ Coluber constrictor Eastern Racer; Corredora

§ Gyalopion canum Western Hooknose Snake; Culebra de Naricilla Occidental

§ Lampropeltis alterna Gray-banded Kingsnake; Culebra Real Rayada de Gris

§ Lampropeltis getula Common Kingsnake; Culebra Real Común

§ Lampropeltis triangulum Milk Snake; Falsa Coralilla

§ Masticophis bilineatus Sonoran Whipsnake; Culebra Látigo Sonora

§ Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip; Chirrionera

§ Masticophis taeniatus Striped Whipsnake; Culebra Látigo Rayada

§ Pantherophis emoryi Great Plains Rat Snake; Serpiente ratonera de las planicies

§ Pituophis melanoleucus Gopher Snake; Cincuate

§ Rhinocheilus lecontei Long-nosed Snake; Culebra de Nariz-larga

Salvadora deserticola Big Bend Patchnose Snake; Culebra del Desierto de Big Bend

§ Salvadora grahamiae Mountain Patch-nosed Snake; Culebra Chata de Montaña

§ Scotophis bairdi Baird's Rat Snake; Ratonera de Baird

§ Sonora semiannulata Ground Snake; Culebra de Arena

Tantilla atriceps Mexican Blackhead Snake; Culebra Cabeza Negra mexicana

§ Tantilla cucullata Big Bend Blackhead Snake; Culebra Cabeza Negra de Trans-Pecos

§ Tantilla hobartsmithi Southwestern Blackhead Snake; Culebra Cabeza Negra del Suroeste

§ Tantilla nigriceps Plains Blackhead Snake; Culebra Cabeza Negra de los Llanos

§ Trimorphodon vilkinsonii Lyre Snake; Codorniz de Chihuahua

Family Crotalidae—Pitvipers; Viperas

§ Agkistrodon contortrix Copperhead; Zolcuata

§ Crotalus atrox Western Diamondback Rattlesnake; Víbora Serrana

§ Crotalus lepidus Rock Rattlesnake; Cascabel Verde

§ Crotalus molossus Blacktail Rattlesnake; Cascabel Serrana

§ Crotalus scutulatus Mojave Rattlesnake; Chiauhcoatl

§ Crotalus viridis Prairie Rattlesnake; Cascabel Occidental

§ Sistrurus catenatus Massasauga; Cascabel de Massasauga

Family Dipsadidae - Slender Rear-Fanged Snakes

§ Diadophis punctatus Ringneck Snake; Culebra de Collar

§ Hypsiglena jani Chihuahuan Nightsnake; Culebra Nocturna de Chihuahua

Family Elapidae Coral Snakes

§ Micruroides euryxanthus Western Coral Snake; Coralillo Occidental

§ Micrurus tener Texas Coral Snake; Coralillo Texana

Family Leptotyphlopidae—Blind Snakes

§ Leptotyphlops dulcis Texas Blind Snake; Culebrilla Ciega Texana

§ Leptotyphlops humilis Western Blind Snake; Culebrilla Ciega de Occidente

Family Natricidae - Harmless Live-Bearing Snakes

§ Nerodia erythrogaster Plainbelly Watersnake; Culebra de Agua de Planza Clara

Nerodia rhombifer Diamondback Watersnake; Culebra de Agua de Espalda Diamante

§ Thamnophis cyrtopsis Blackneck Garter Snake; Culebra Lineada de Bosque

§ Thamnophis eques Mexican Garter Snake; Culebra de Agua Nómada Mexicano

§ Thamnophis marcianus Checkered Garter Snake; Sochuate

Thamnophis melanogaster Blackbelly Garter Snake; Culebra de Panza Negra

§ Thamnophis proximus Western Ribbon Snake; Culebra Acuática

Thamnophis rufipunctatus Narrow-headed Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis Common Garter Snake; Culebra de Agua Nómada Común

Family Xenodontidae - Robust Rear-Fanged Snakes

§ Heterodon nasicus Western Hognose Snake; Culebra Nariz de Cerdo Occidental


Last Update: 29 Mar 2011