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School Tours

The Museum welcomes organized school tours. For the best educational results, teachers anticipating tours should check the Tour Checklist in the early stages of planning.

Educational Kits—Trees

Basic information on a variety of trees appropriate for this region are available to teachers and other interested individuals. Planting and care instructions, as well as activities to use with students to promote understanding of desert and mountain trees, are available in individual kit form. Each kit covers one tree and may be checked out free of charge for 1- to 3-week periods. Contact Scott Cutler, Curator, at 747-6668 or e-mail at

Desert-Tree Panel Exhibit

A panel-exhibit highlighting landscape trees for the various areas of El Paso covers selection, planting, and care. This free exhibit requires 36 running feet of hanging space and is appropriate for schools, other public spaces, and businesses. Telephone Scott Cutler at 747-6668.

Desert Diary

The web version of the popular KTEP radio program not only has printed and audio versions of each day's program, but images and reference sources. Some programs also are linked to teachers' lesson plans prepared by the Centennial Museum.

Chihuahuan Desert

The Centennial Museum is a growing center for information on various aspects—biologic, geologic, and prehistoric cultures—of the Chihuahuan Desert Region.

The Natural History of the Chihuahuan Desert is an on-line, non-credit course for either individual learning or to be taught as a formal class.

Learning Links for All

One-page presentations on Chihuahuan Desert subjects that can be used online or printed in PDF format for use in the classroom or the home. Most have coloring pages associated.


American Badger

Burrowing Owl

Imperial Woodpecker

The Chihuahuan Desert Gardens' Bhutanese Prayer Wheel.

SunSCAPE Class

Learn about using native plants in your landscape at the Centennial Museum SunSCAPE classes. These classes are offered periodically and consist of an 8-week course meeting one evening a week. Keep an eye on "Current Happenings" for when the class is offered.


An annual Native Plant Sale is held on the last weekend of April. A wide variety of native flowers, shrubs, and trees are available, and programs on native gardens are held. Announcement of FloraFEST 2006 will appear in "Current Happenings" in March or early April.

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Last update: 4 Oct 2006