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Copyright, Use of Material, and Links

Original materials on the Centennial Museum, Laboratory for Environmental Biology, and Chihuahuan Desert web sites are copyrighted. Reasonable use of Museum material for educational purposes is allowed provided proper credit is given to the source; we would appreciate notification of such use. We strongly urge that images not be used on web sites without requesting permission from the Museum—some images are under copyright by other entities and used by the Museum by special permission; although we do not have the authority to give permission directly for their use, in most cases we can facilitate contact with the copyright holder. Commercial use of any images or text, in whole or in part, is expressly forbidden without formal approval: Contact the Centennial Museum.

We encourage links to our pages and special permission is not required, but please make it clear that the linked material is not part of your web site.

Many of our pages are identified by one or more symbols that are tied to the Museum and its associates. These are shown below.


Centennial Museum Lizard LogoThe Lizard Logo of the Centennial Museum is adapted from a Mimbres pottery design and denotes the Museum's focus on natural and cultural history.


LEB Thunderbird LogoThe Thunderbird Logo indicates the Laboratory for Environmental Biology, the biological research unit of the Centennial Museum. It also is used at times as a navigation button for the natural history portion of the Museum website.


Chihuahuan Desert LogoThe Chihuahuan Desert Logo marks web pages that are part of the Centennial Museum's Chihuahuan Desert Project.

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