To many people, scorpions epitomize the desert. The Chihuahuan Desert has a large variety of these animals, including endemic forms found nowhere else. Excellent websites include Scorpions from the Chihuahuan Desert Region of Mexico and the United States and The Scorpion Files. A special thanks to Kari McWest for advice and photographs.

Order Scorpiones: Scorpions

Family Buthidae

Centruroides infamatus

Centruroides suffusus

Centruroides vittatus

Family Diplocentridae

Diplocentrus colwelli

Diplocentrus ferrugineus

Diplocentrus lindo

Diplocentrus whitei

Diplocentrus zacatecanus

Family Vaejovidae

Paruroctonus boquillas

Paruroctonus coahuilanus

Paruroctonus gracilior

Paruroctonus pecos

Paruroctonus utahensis

Paruroctonus williamsi

Pseudouroctonus apacheanus

Pseudouroctonus chicano

Serradigitus calidus

Vaejovis bilineatus

Vaejovis cazieri

Vaejovis chisos

Vaejovis coahuilae

Vaejovis crassimanus

Vaejovis globosus

Vaejovis intermedius

Vaejovis minckleyi

Vaejovis russelli

Vaejovis vaquero

Vaejovis waueri