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Willow Baccharis (Baccharis salicina)

  • Common English Names: Willow Baccharis
  • Common Spanish Names:
  • Scientific Name: Baccharis salicina (BAK-ah-ris sah-lih-SEE-nuh)
  • Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)
  • Geographic Range: Riparian areas of West Texas north into plains of eastern NM, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
  • Plant Form: Deciduous shrub to  6 H X 3 W.
  • Remarks: Erect, ascending, multiple-stemmed shrub with 1-2 inch toothed willow-like leaves. Separate male and female plants producing terminal clusters of disk flowers in early summer. Tolerates a variety of soils, including saline or mineralized, needs reliable periodic moisture, full sun, winter hardy.

Last Update: 9 Nov 2002