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January 3, 2001


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This poem is designed to be read by two people, one reading the left column (side A) and the other reading the right (side B). When the words are on the same line, they are read simultaneously. When there is a break in a column, that reader should pause for whatever is in the other column to be read. Try reading the poem once or twice with your buddy, then see how quickly you can read it together!

(Side A)


(Side B)


We’re cockroaches We’re cockroaches
Perpetual Problems
Nauseating Nuisances
We adapt We adapt
To the cold
To your house
To your pesticides!
We spread our filth
In your cupboards
On your counters
In your pantries
We excrete as we eat We excrete as we eat
Contaminate each treat Contaminate each treat
And wherever you
And wherever we
We’re home!
We’re home!

*This poem was created by teachers attending a workshop at the Centennial Museum.

What can you learn about cockroaches from this poem? Are there any facts about cockroaches that you would like to add to the poem?



Now it's your turn. See what you can learn about a plant or animal, and work alone or with your buddy to create a buddy poem of your own! Learn some fun facts, and see what kind of poem you can make!


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