Mimbres pottery with turtle image

You will need:
Printed design for turtle ornament
Printed copy of the folding guide
White glue
Scissors or Craft Knife
10 inches of gold cord


  1. Print the Turtle Ornament Sheet No. 1. This has the folding guide and two of the four turtle images.
  2. Print the Turtle Ornament Sheet No. 2. This has the other two turtle images.
  3. Carefully cut out the four matching panels.
  4. Mark the BACK of each panel with a "T" at the top of the design.
  5. Place the folding guide on the blank side of each panel and draw around it, making sure all three points touch the edges of the circle.
  6. CAREFULLY fold along each line of the triangle towards the patterned side.
  7. Carefully spread a small amount of glue on one of the resulting flaps in order to join TWO of the circles together, keeping the "T"'s at the top.
  8. Tie ends of 10" gold cord in a knot to form hanger.
  9. Using a dab of glue, place the hanger at the top, with the knot inside.
  10. Glue a THIRD circle to the flaps of the first two, keeping design balanced. Your ornament should now look triangular, with a hangar at the top and an open base.
  11. Glue FOURTH circle in place forming a base.
  12. Try not to hold the ornament by the hangar until the glue is completely dry!
finished ornament

Centennial Museum, University of Texas at El Paso