List of Mammalian Orders


This list should help guide you to particular groups of interest. The taxa are given in the order in which they are considered. The full classification is given in the three lists in the menu indicated by Classification 1, Classification 2, and Classification 3.

Classification 1

Class Mammalia—Mammalia

Subclass Prototheria—Egg-laying Mammals

Order Monotremata—Monotremes

Subclass Theria—True Mammals

Infraclass Metatheria—Marsupials (seven living orders)

Order Didelphimorphia—Opossums

Order Paucituberculata—Caenolests (not considered further)

†Order Sparassodonta—Sparassodonts (not considered further)

Magnorder Australidelphia—Australidelphians (not considered further)

Order Microbiotheria—Microbiotheres (not considered further)

Order Dasyuromorphia—Dasyuromophs (not considered further)

Order Peramelemorphia—Paramelemorphs (not considered further)

Order Notoryctemorphia—Notoryctemorphs (not considered further)

Order Diprotodontia—Kangaroo and Relatives (not considered further)

Infraclass Eutheria—Placental Mammals


Order Afrosoricida—Tenrecs and Golden Moles

Order Macroscelidea—Elephant Shrews

Order Tubulidentata—Aardvark

Order Hyracoidea—Hyraxes

Order Proboscidea—Elephants

Order Sirenia—Dugongs, Manatees, and Sea Cows

Magnorder Xenarthra—Xenarthrans

Order Cingulata—Cingulate Edentates

Order Pilosa—Sloths and Anteaters

Magnorder Boreoeutheria—Boreoeutherians

Order Scandentia—Scandentians

Order Dermoptera—Flying Lemurs

Order Primates—Primates

Order Lagomorpha—Pikas, Hares, and Rabbits

Order Erinaceomorpha—Hedgehogs and Relatives

Order Soricomorpha—Shrew and Mole-like Insectivores

Classification 2

Order Chiroptera—Bats

Order Pholidota—Pangolins

Order Carnivora—Carnivores

Order Perissodactyla—Horses, Rhinos, Tapirs

Order Artiodactyla—Artiodactyls

Classification 3

Order Cetacea—Whales

Order Rodentia—Rodents


Last Update: 19 Jan 2008

Centennial Museum and Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Texas at El Paso