Collared Peccary
Pecari tajacu


Distribution map for Pecari tajacu

Young Collared Peccary   A pair of young Collared Peccaries

Pecari tayassu. Left: Two very young javelina, one of which is nearly hidden behind the other. Right: The same two individuals. The photographs were taken by A. H. Harris on the New Mexico-Sonora border near Guadalupe Canyon in 1957.



In much of the literature, the Collared Peccary is listed as Tayassu tajacu.

Javelina (jabalí, collared peccary) occur in the western and eastern portions of the Chihuahuan Desert, as well as in the Sonoran Desert and in other habitats south into South America. They recently have been moving north and west from the eastern parts of their range, now reaching well into New Mexico's Hueco Bolson and possibly farther north.


Last Update: 27 Jul 2009