Southern Yellow Bat
Lasiurus ega


distribution map of Lasiurus ega

Like other members of the genus Lasiurus, Southern Yellow Bats are generally associated with trees which provide them with daytime roosting sites (Davis and Schmidly 1994). In Texas, they are typically found along the Rio Grande near Brownsville, around a natural grove of palm trees (Sabal texana) (Tuttle 2003). The southern yellow bats may be considered non-migratory, because they have been captured from the same area in 6 different months of the year, including December (Davis and Schmidly 1994). There is evidence that the range of these bats may have been extended in Texas due to the increasing usage of ornamental palm trees in home landscaping (Davis and Schmidly 1994.


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A. Ruth Huckaby, Graduate Student, BIOL 5301-Natural History of the Chihuahuan Desert, June 2006.


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