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Concept: Learners will play like they are rattlesnakes that are trying to conserve their venom by only biting (or injecting venom) into things they can eat.

Goals (Not measurable): Learners will get a feel for having to make a fast choice about whether to bite and inject venom. They will understand some of the reasons a rattlesnake may bite something too large to eat, as well as the reasons why a rattler might give a "dry bite" (where they do not inject any venom).

Objectives (Measurable): Learners will be able to explain the times when a rattlesnake is likely to rattle. They will be able to list three things a rattlesnake can eat and three things it might bite, but not eat.

Materials/Supplies needed


person mouse falling rock coyote
kangaroo rat horse pocket mouse deer
mountain lion gopher lizard skunk


Standards (Note that these are only some of the possible standards one could cover with this activity. Depending on how each person uses the activity, it may be used to support different standards.)

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