January 4, 2001


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Do you like to wear clothes with pockets? Why or why not? What kinds of things do you put in your pockets?


Did you know that some animals also have pockets--they're built right into their skin!!! What kinds of things do you think an animal might put in its pockets. Do you think it would be a good or a bad thing for them to have pockets?


Play the game according to the guidelines the facilitator gives you. What do you think about animals having pockets, now? How do they help the animal?


Have you ever had problems with your pockets being too full? What can happen if you overfill your pockets? Does it change the way you move? Can you get into all the same places you can with empty pockets? Do you ever end up with a mess?


Do you think animals with pockets have any of the same kinds of problems? Make two columns, and list the good things about having pockets on the left and the bad things on the right.



Can you think of any specific times or places (environments) where it would be better to have pockets? Can you think of times or places where it would be better NOT to have pockets? Why?

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