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The indices in this section include Desert Diary presentations on arthropods. Accounts having Learning Links are marked by gold chain gif. Audio clips from the radio broadcasts now are available for many of the Desert Diary web pages.

Diarios del Desierto en español están en pagina 4.

Some of the thumbnail images associated with the subject entries are courtesy of other entities and are recognized formally on the appropriate pages.

thumbnail of mosquito
American Indians and Mosquitos
thumbnail of mosquito larvae
Mosquitos and Disease
thumbnail of a moth
thumbnail of a grasshopper
Murder by Suicide
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
Not Cricket
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
thumbnail of ventral side of a pillbug
thumbnail of pinacate beetle
Pinacate Beetles
thumbnail of praying mantis
Praying Mantis
thumbnail of pseudoscorpions
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
Psychic Termites
thumbnail of robber fly that mimics a bee
Robber Fly
thumbnail of a scorpion
thumbnail of a preserved solpugid
thumbnail of bug drawing
Sphinx Moth
thumbnail of a tarantula
thumbnail of a tarantula hawk
Tarantula Hawk
thumbnail of a recently deceased termite
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
Trapdoor Spider
thumbnail of a triops drawing
thumbnail of a velvet ant
Velvet Ant
thumbnail of a vinegaroon
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
Wasp Face
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
Water Strider
thumbnail of Centennial Museum logo
Water Walking
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10 April 2010