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Dueling Timelines


To create a framework for understanding that there are causes and effects of events that link countries throughout time.


To produce the understanding that the stories of history, politics, technology, religion, culture, and the arts bring us to the realities of each country in our world today. To promote the understanding that the individual stories of a country or time period are part of the global whole.


Students will be able to

  1. Identify how three specific events
    1. Altered who was in power
    2. Promoted exploration of the New World, particularly the southwestern United States and Mexico
    3. Effected colonization
  2. Describe ways of living at the Pass of the North
    1. In the 16th Century
    2. In the 17th Century
    3. In the 18th Century
    4. In the 19th Century
    5. In the 20th Century


  1. Discussion
    1. Introduce a timeline as a resource for making discoveries (Use Timeline on Centennial Museum at The University of Texas website [coming soon!]) or use a timeline of your choice.
    2. Demonstrate that there are timelines that cover specific subjects, areas, and time periods.
    3. Refer to the Objectives above and discuss assignments so that class will have an understanding as to how individual group assignments will fit together.
  2. Divide class into groups and assign tasks for each group to accomplish regarding a specific time period.
    1. Have group determine a moderator, recorder, and reporter for the group.
    2. Remind the groups of the role of each person in the group as a contributor of ideas based on the information they find or already know.
    3. Spell out the duties of the moderator, recorder, and reporter and remind the groups that each person must work with the others to get a presentation ready for the reporter to give to the whole class.
    4. Provide students with resource materials and encourage them to discover other resources.
    5. Have groups make presentations and the class make determinations as to what should be included in a classroom timeline that compares the Pass of the North with what is happening in other places of the world.
    6. Once the overall scope of the timeline or timelines is determined, help students to organize the production of the timeline.


  1. Keep a chart of how often the class refers to or adds to the timeline. Students may be encouraged to keep an individual record.
  2. Evaluate the quality of the graphical presentation, including neatness, spelling, use of reliable resources, and attention to details.
  3. Evaluate how students worked together to develop the presentation
  4. Have students write about the
    1. Experience of group cooperation in developing the classroom project.
    2. Things in the timeline that surprised them.




  1. Create a math lesson based on the physical space where the timeline will be, the amount of paper needed for the base, and how the segments should be divided.
  2. Create a science lesson based on any of the new inventions shown in the timeline.
  3. Create a music lesson by determining what instruments were popular and where they were popular. Play some of the music from the time periods.
  4. Determine what people were eating in a specific place and time, and have students write a food related story.
  5. Determine what people were wearing in a specific place and time and have students write a clothing related story

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