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Puzzling Terms


Students create their own crossword puzzles using terms related to the Pass of the North area.


Students will use social studies terms correctly and understand conversations involving them. They will understand the names and significance to early peoples of various objects crucial to their survival.


  1. Students will define and distinguish between various terms.
    1. Domicile, pueblo, pithouse, Hueco Tanks, Mansos
    2. Other terms selected by the teacher
  2. Students will use these terms as they express their own ideas.


  1. Introduce concepts in discussion with class
    1. Distinguish between such terms as domicile, pueblo, and pithouse
    2. Identify other relevant terms based on your current focus
    3. Select terms from Martinezís The Pass of the North to give a broad overview to students.
  2. Select focus terms
    1. Assign groups to study specific terms.
    2. Each group creates a set of definitions or clues for their words.
      1. Groups may use only the definitions you are focusing or incorporate other possible definitions, as well
      2. Groups suggest additional terms.
      3. Creativity, as well as accuracy, should be encouraged.
  3. Create and use puzzles
    1. Groups create crossword puzzles using their selected terms.
      1. Puzzles can be created by hand (on graph paper) or by using a web-based program, such as the one available at %2FCrissCrossSetupForm.html.
    2. Groups exchange and try to solve their puzzles
  4. Discuss use of terms and any questions that have arisen.

Examine puzzles created by students for appropriate use of terms, level of complexity, and creativity.





For Texas Teachers

TEKS for Middle School (will vary depending on terms selected)

6th Grade:

7th Grade

8th Grade